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150 Years of Polish Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand

Two large organised groups of Poles arrived in Dunedin and Christchurch in 1872. Two ships “Palmerston” and “Friedeburg” brought around 100 people each to these South Island ports. There are other, isolated, examples of Polish people and families coming to New Zealand before, but it was not until these 1872 arrivals that we can talk about Polish communities in New Zealand.

We think that 150 years of Polish Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand is a milestone well worth celebrating, the more so because it includes all of us, from the descendants of those early settlers, right through to those recently arrived in New Zealand. Let’s join the celebrations and do something special in 2022 and 2023!

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Organise Your own Celebrations

We are looking for volunteers who would like to get involved in sharing the message about the 150 years of Polish communities in New Zealand. This is not a well-known fact and we want to change it!

We need to write grant applications, sponsorships offers, PR releases, connect with people keen to share their stories, post goodies, order balloons, run social media, etc… We can make videos, design cool things and use skills or passions you have. Email 150years@polishcommunity.org.nz to get in touch.

You can be located anywhere in New Zealand, Poland or anywhere in the world. We look forward to hearing from all helpful souls!

Think about your Polish link … or stories related to a trip to Poland, Polish colleagues or other Polish encounters: funny, happy, sad, surprising, story of love etc. Maybe you would like to celebrate your “Polishness” with your friends and family or share your Polish story or do something around your hobby.

Any celebration format is fantastic. What about Polish group of marathon runners, or a Polish bridge tournament in a retirement village? What about building a Polish plane model or reading that Polish history book you always planned to?

We would like to share small and big celebrations, reward you with some free goodies, and/or publish them in the event calendar. 


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We need funding for this public campaign (advertising costs, free goodies to engage people, postage) to reach a wide range of Kiwis. Thank you in advance for your support and donations to:

Polish Association in NZ
Please use “150Years” as a donation reference.
Email us so that we can provide a donation confirmation.

We decided on #150polishnz hashtag. You can find us on:

Instagram (just starting)
You Tube (just starting)

We are working on a new website with more functionality and we hope to have a wider range of celebration goodies and merchandising to sell and give away.  

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Krzyś (Chris) Dzikiewicz
Project Coordinator