About us

The Polish Community in Wellington, New Zealand, is a vibrant, social and culturally active community, that aims to share its rich Polish culture with the wider community and to pass on our culture to future generations. Our website provides you with an opportunity to learn something about our community as well as being a gateway to becoming involved in the Polish Community, either through The Polish Association in New Zealand, and/or other groups in the community.

We welcome everyone who is Polish or is a descendant of Polish parents or grandparents or who has an interest in Polish culture.


The Polish Association Executive Committee for 2018/2019 is as follows:

  • Tadeusz Wypych – President
  • Helena Fagan  – Vice president
  • Tereska Zaloumis – Secretary
  • Ela Rombel  – Event manager
  • Piotr Skrzyński  – Treasurer
  • Michał Mendruń  – Hall hire and maintenance
  • Irena Lowe  –  Event and website manager
  • Krysia McNeil – Editor Wiadomości


The Polish Association was established in Wellington in 1948, by Polish immigrants who arrived in New Zealand during or soon after the end of the Second World War. The groups of migrants included the Polish Children, former Polish Soldiers and displaced persons. Being in a new country, the Polish immigrants, many of whom had lost their families and suffered deprivation, felt insecure and needed moral support, company, advice and help to absorb the change and settle in New Zealand. And so the Polish Association was formed on 1 March 1948 to provide a sense of togetherness and help the migrants with the transition to life in New Zealand.

From its early beginnings, the Polish Association has represented the Polish Community in Wellington, providing leadership, direction, and a place for members to meet socially and foster the Polish culture.