Celebrating 150 years Polish People in Aotearoa New Zealand

Two large organised groups of Poles arrived in Dunedin and Christchurch in 1872. Two ships “Palmerston” and “Friedeburg” brought around 100 people each to these South Island ports. There are other, isolated, examples of Polish people and families coming to New Zealand before, but it was not until these 1872 arrivals that we can talk about Polish communities in New Zealand.

We think that 150 years of Polish Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand is a milestone well worth celebrating, the more so because it includes all of us, from the descendants of those early settlers, right through to those recently arrived in New Zealand. Let’s join the celebrations and do something special in 2022 and 2223.

Krzyś (Chris) Dzidiewicz  is our social media specialist and is leading this on line celebration. We have a new page that you can access direct from the menu ‘150 Years Celebration’ or click on the picture to link immediately to the page.

Happy celebrations!