Polish Constitution Day – 3 May

Polish Constitution Day – Celebrating 3 May


On Sunday, 6 May 2018, we will be commemorating the Polish Constitution (3 May). Mass will be celebrated by Father Tadeusz Świątkowski at both churches: Berhampore at 9.30am and Avalon at 11.30am. The mass at Berhampore will be the official mass with flag bearers representing the Polish Association and the Polish Combatants Association. The Polish Association Executive Committee invites all Poles with their families to the 3rd MAY CELEBRATION which will take place on 6 May 2018 at 3pm at the Polish House. As in previous years,it will be a festive concert with an interesting artistic programme.  The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland will be presenting medals to some of our members. Free entry.

Executive Committee


April 25 – ANZAC Day, Katyn Day, Smolensk

This year ANZAC DAY falls on Wednesday. On this day as every year we will remember Polish soldiers murdered at Katyn and those Poles who died during the Soviet occupation. This month also marks the eighth anniversary of the great national tragedy – the plane crash near Smolensk – in which the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński and his wife died including the last president of Poland in Exile Ryszard Kaczorowski and other high-ranking representatives of offices of the state. We will pray for the souls of New Zealand and Polish soldiers who died during the First World War; for the souls of the Poles who were murdered by the Soviets during the Second World War and for those who died eight years ago in Katyn having gone there to pay tribute to the thousands of Poles murdered by the Soviets.

ANZAC DAY celebration program – Katyn Day


9am:  Saint Mary’s of the Angels in Wellington

 Mass in the church Mary’s of the Angels in Wellington for New Zealanders and Poles.  Polish flags will be paraded into church by the Polish Association in New Zealand Inc.  and the Association of Polish Veterans.  Wreaths of flowers will be placed at the Katyn plaque.


11am:  Saint Joachim in Berhampore, Wellington

Polish Mass with Polish flags paraded into church by the Polish Association in New Zealand Inc.  and the Association of Polish Veterans.  


1pm:  Traditional Soldier’s Lunch

After the Mass at St Joachim you are invited to the Polish House  for a traditional soldiers lunch. Admission $ 10 – there will be some speeches and awards of the Siberian Crosses followed by a film.