Dom Polski Consultation Workshop Update

Updated 04/12/20

On Sunday 22 November about 35 members and guests attended a 2-hour workshop facilitated by the Executive Committee to share their views about options around our earthquake-prone Dom Polski.

This workshop with our members and the wider community, proved to be a constructive afternoon, with plenty of robust, thoughtful, and realistic discussion, providing valuable and insightful feedback.

We discussed and refined ideas from a slide presentation of options previously discussed at our Annual General Meeting in 2019 and 2020. We also discussed other factors, including the need for fundraising, all in the context of what it means to be Polish in our wider Wellington community and what the Polish Association, as well as our community, could look like in the future. The feedback from this workshop will now give us a starting point for a plan of action for the Executive and Building Committee to prepare.

The summarised points of discussion included:

  • The future of the Polish Association in NZ (Inc) and future of the Dom Polski are not necessarily the same and should be considered separately.
  • However the vision for the future of the Polish Association in NZ (Inc),  inclusive of the future needs of its various groups and broader community, needs to be considered when agreeing what is needed from a future Dom Polski.
  • We need to consider how to address the Polish Association in NZ membership situation if we are to have a sustainable future.
  • Improvements are needed in the timeliness and inclusiveness when communicating to all our members, as well as the wider community.
  • Recommendations or preferred options for the Dom Polski (as opposed to just presenting those options already discussed) is required for an SGM.
  • Any preferred options for a Dom Polski need to also be presented with potential fundraising approaches.

Next Steps

At our next Executive Committee meeting on 7 December we will establish a plan to progress and share our strategy work and to determine what further information members need about our community. A date for a Special General Meeting (SGM) will be set early in the New Year and is expected to take place early to mid-2021.