The Polish Community in Wellington, New Zealand, is a vibrant, social and culturally active community, that aims to share its rich Polish culture with the wider community and to pass on our culture to future generations. Our website provides you with an opportunity to learn something about our community as well as being a gateway to becoming involved in the Polish Community, either through The Polish Association in New Zealand, and/or other groups in the community.


Family Picnic / Rodzinny Piknik

Our much loved annual Polish Picnic will be held at Kaitoke Regional Park on 30 January 2022. Pack your picnic blankets, beach chairs, lunch and your favourite sports equipment and JOIN IN! If you haven’t been to this event before, now’s your chance! A great day for the whole family with a chance to
catch up with friends, races and games for the children (and maybe even the adults). We will be set up in a similar area as in previous years. For those of you who are attending for the first time, follow the signs that will be put up in advance.

Keep an eye on the Polish Association Facebook page on the day for cancellations (due to weather) or text / call Jennifer Hanson on 0273756004, if you are unsure.

Please note: Even though this event will be held outside, it is a Covid-19 vaccine mandated event to ensure we keep everyone in our community safe.

Nasz popularny coroczny piknik familijny odbędzie się w Kaitoke Regional Park w niedzielę 30 stycznia 2022. Zapakujcie coś do siedzenia lub leżenia, coś do jedzenia i picia, coś do gier i zabaw, i przybywajcie! Spotykamy się w tym samym miejscu, co w poprzednich latach – ustawimy znaki drogowe, aby się nie zgubić.
Prosimy sprawdzić stronę Polish Association na Facebook (w razie złej pogody piknik może być odwołany) lub skontaktować się z Jennifer Hanson, 0273756004.

Uwaga: Nasz piknik jest objęty regulaminem sprawdzania szczepień na COVID-19, zatem prosimy nie zapomnieć o zabraniu certyfikatów.



Celebrating 150 years Polish People in Aotearoa New Zealand

Two large organised groups of Poles arrived in Dunedin and Christchurch in 1872. Two ships “Palmerston” and “Friedeburg” brought around 100 people each to these South Island ports. There are other, isolated, examples of Polish people and families coming to New Zealand before, but it was not until these 1872 arrivals that we can talk about Polish communities in New Zealand.

We think that 150 years of Polish Communities in Aotearoa New Zealand is a milestone well worth celebrating, the more so because it includes all of us, from the descendants of those early settlers, right through to those recently arrived in New Zealand. Let’s join the celebrations and do something special in 2022 and 2223.

Krzyś (Chris) Dzidiewicz  is our social media specialist and is leading this on line celebration. We have a new page that you can access direct from the menu ‘150 Years Celebration’ or click on the picture to link immediately to the page.

Happy celebrations!