Piknik Mikołajkowy / Mikołajki Picnic

As the end of the year approaches we look forward to sharing Mikołajki with Polska Szkoła. All children of Polish descent are welcome to join us at a picnic to be held at Shorland Park in Island Bay on Saturday 8th December from 11am – 1pm. Barbeque sausages will be provided and the rest is BYO including a wrapped present for your child for Santa “Mikolaj” to deliver. Polish school and Orlęta children will receive certificates at this event.
Thank you for the continued efforts of the children, the dancers, their parents, helpers and of course to their teachers Jen and Juliet. There will be a combined concert in December to farewell those going to Polart. Information in our next Wiadomości.

Ela Rombel