Polish Festival 2021

Limited Number of Festival Aprons for sale

We will have a limited number of aprons for sale at the festival with our fantastic logo designed by Max Kerr-Hislop. ” One size fits all “, quality material, fantastic pockets for those utensils you need when cooking a beautiful Polish Dish. Cost of each apron $30.00. A perfect gift for those who love to cook and bake.
There is only a limited number of aprons for sale and to ensure you don’t miss out, you can pre-order your apron. Please email nina.goff0755@gmail.com with your order. On the day of the festival look out for the apron stall to pick up your order.

Meet our newest dancing group “ORZIEŁ”


Orzel Polish Dancing Group was started in February 2020, by cousins Sophie Trask and Jennifer Hanson. With a vision to modernise the traditional art of Polish dancing, the new group has been created to continue the Polish culture in the Wellington region with a new artistic flare. Although the group is mainly led by Sophie and Jennifer, it is a group collaboration, blending ideas and choreography from all of the dancers’ previous Polish dancing experience. 
We enjoy dancing to traditional music with modern beats, the quick Oberek, the beautiful Kujawiak, the sassy Polka.
While we are currently a small group, we have lots of energy and enthusiasm and enjoy performing for the Polish and wider Wellington communities. The upcoming Polart at the end of 2021 is Orzel’s biggest goal to work towards and we are so excited to take part.. 
We hope to continue to grow the group and entice more young, Polish adults to join. We feel that this will help get more of the younger generation involved in our Polish community again, who may have drifted away previously. 
Jennifer Hanson


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