“Lublin” Dance Company

The aim of the Lublin Dance Company is to demonstrate Polish Folk Dances and Song to both the Polish and the wider community in New Zealand. Lublin enables people interested in dance to get together to learn and perform Polish Folk Dances and to build friendships with other members of the group on a more social level.

Lublin Dance Company performs at various events, including festivals and dance extravaganzas as well as Polish Community events. We also run workshops to introduce Polish Folk Dance and Song to the wider community. 

Polish Folk Dancing consists of an interesting and diverse range of national and regional dances. Every dance has its own style of music and movement and they are performed in colourful costumes to enhance the spectacle of the dances as well as express the diversity of each cultural region in Poland.

If you would like to learn more about Polish Folk Dancing and/or would like to join Lublin, please contact Leszek Lendnał. His details can be found below.


Manager and Instructor: Leszek Lendnał
Address: PO Box 853
New Zealand
Email: lublin@polishcommunity.org.nz