Lublin Dance Company


The aim of the Lublin Dance Company is to demonstrate Polish Folk Dances and Song to both the Polish and the wider community in New Zealand. Lublin enables people interested in dance to get together to learn and perform Polish Folk Dances and to build friendships with other members of the group on a more social level.



Lublin Dance Company performs at various events, including festivals and dance extravaganzas as well as Polish Community events. We also run workshops to introduce Polish Folk Dance and Song to the wider community. Lublin holds weekly classes on Monday nights, starting at 7.30pm at the Polish House, 257 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington.


Polish Folk Dancing consists of an interesting and diverse range of national and regional dances. Every dance has its own style of music and movement and they are performed in colourful costumes to enhance the spectacle of the dances as well as express the diversity of each cultural region in Poland.

If you would like to learn more about Polish Folk Dancing and/or would like to join Lublin, please contact Leszek Lendnał. His details can be found below.


Manager and Instructor: Leszek Lendnał
Address: PO Box 853
New Zealand


Lublin Dance Company has represented the Polish Community in Wellington for 30 years. It was founded in August 1981 with the arrival of choreographer, Jacek Śliwiński. Along with his wife Ania, they started Lublin, attracting primarily young people of Polish origin to the group, by offering them a way of expressing their cultural heritage through the language, song and dance of Poland.

Lublin gave their first performance on 14 November 1981. Since then, Lublin has given over 400 performances at numerous events throughout New Zealand, including multi-cultural concerts, festivals, and dance extravaganzas. Lublin has also performed in Australia, at the Polish Art Festivals in Melbourne in 1984 (with additional concerts in Sydney and Canberra), Brisbane in 1988, Sydney in 2003, Hobart in 2006 and Adelaide in 2009.

Lublin’s repertoire includes all five national dances – the Polonez, Krakowiak, Mazur, Kujawiak and Oberek –

and regional dances from the Lublin, Kurpie, Śląsk, Wielkopolska, Opoczno, Rzeszow, Sącz and Kaszuby regions.

Since 2000, Lublin’s Manager and Instructor has been Leszek Lendnał, a member of the group since its inception. Lublin continues to grow and develop, attracting new dancers interested in learning a unique style of dance, building relationships with other groups around the world and, most importantly, performing and demonstrating the rich Polish Folk Culture through its dances and song to the Polish and wider community.

Lublin turns 30 (1981 – 2011)

It is hard to imagine where we will be in 30 years time. Back in 1981, many who attended Jacek Śliwiński’s first practice, were introduced to Polish Folk Dance for the first time, while others had danced in the past, either during their time at Polish School or other dance groups that were around before Lublin. After the first practice, you had a sense that Jacek was creating something special that would be a part of the Polish Community for years to come.Throughout their time with Lublin, Jacek and his wife Ania focused on developing the dance group, teaching us the different steps and movements and developing our repertoire.

With Polish Folk Dance being made up of five national dances and regional dances from over 40 regions of Poland, there was a lot to learn. He was a hard task master and he demanded the best from us. To this day we have never forgotten this and the other important lesson – our dances are always to be authentic. Since the beginning, Lublin was fortunate to have had the full support of the Polish Association in Wellington, and the Polish Association has been an important part in ensuring the group was able to reach this milestone. In addition, when the group required the help of members of the Polish Community, many people were willing to help by working on the committee, making costumes for the group or fundraising to buy new costumes, and in so many other ways. The Polish Embassy and other Polish organisations have also been supportive of Lublin over the years and it is thanks to you all that we are now celebrating our 30th Anniversary.