Orlęta Polish Dance Ensemble

Orleta title

Orlęta is a cultural dance group designed for young people aged 3 – 16 years. The aim of the group is to introduce young people to the beautiful music, traditions and folkloric dances of Poland.  Through dance and song Orlęta promotes, among young Polish New Zealanders, a sense of identity as well as a a chance to share their joy of dance with the Greater Wellington community.  Orlętas curriculum  is based on both traditional and contemporary themes and the challenge for our dance instructors is to come up with new and interesting dances for the participants. Orlȩta teachers certainly do that in a refreshing and dedicated way. The children’s joy of dance is testament to this.


Venue: Dom Polski, 257 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington

Group Time and Day Dance Instruction

Sunday 12:45 – 1.15

Jennifer Hanson

Sunday 1.15 – 1.55

Jennifer Hanson

Sunday 1.55 – 2.25

Jennifer Hanson
Seniors – all girls 10+

Monday 6.00-7:00 pm

Juliet Rombel
Senior Orlęta and Lublin Fusion  Monday 7.00 -9:00 pm Juliet Rombel


Every year, Orlęta perform at Polish national celebrations like Trzeci Maj (celebration of the Polish Constitution on 3rd May), Polish Independence Day (11th November) and Sw. Mikolaj ( feast of St Nicholas)

 Orlęta is often seen at community festivals and accepts invitations to dance at multicultural and cultural celebrations or events organized by the European Forum like carols at the Sound Shell – Botanical Gardens. Each year the group also performs at a number of rest homes especially where there are Polish residents.

Orlęta has become well known for its original musical theatre. Their latest version of Red Riding Hood (Czerwony Kapturek) was not only performed in their local community but also at the Inaugural Polish Children’s Song and Dance festival in Sydney 2018. 


Fundraising has always been one of the Orlęta parents’ group’s major activities. Orlęta have featured in multicultural festivals not only dancing but also selling tasty pierogi and other mouth watering polish foods to raise money for costumes. The fabric for the very first set of costumes was purchased through a lottery grant and sewed by the parents themselves. New costumes are constantly needed to cater for the changing shape and sizes of the children as they grow along with the increasing repertoire of regional dances. Many of the more elaborate costumes are purchased directly from Poland to ensure authenticity.


Chairperson: Ela Rombel
Principal Teacher: Juliet Rombel
Address: PO Box 853
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Email: e.rombel@gmail.com


The group was founded in Lower Hutt in 1994 by Ela Rombel and a committee of Polish School parents, The first dance instructor was Basia Mazur, a New Zealander of Polish descent. Orlęta has had a number of instructors over the years. Maria Polaczuk, Tereska Lepionka, Helena Zawada, Melanie Fyfe, Adela Jones and Aniela Reid have all contributed their dance skills and knowledge to the group at various times. The current instructors are Jennifer Hanson and Juliet Rombel.